Sunday, August 15, 2010

This Week in the Family History - August 15 - 21

17 Aug 1635 (375 years ago) - Mary Foxwell was born in Scituate, Plymouth Colony, Colonial America. Mary was the daughter of Richard Foxwell and Ann Shelley. [9th great-grandmother, Hopkins line]

17 Aug 1742 (268 years ago) - Nancy Ann Walker was born in St. Stephens Parish, Northumberland County, Colony of Virginia. She was the daughter of Richard Walker and Rachel (maiden name unknown). [5th great-grandmother, Hankins line]

20 Aug 1862 (148 years ago) - Elizabeth Berry died 20 Aug 1862 in Hopkins County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of John Berry and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) and the wife of Henry Lewis Goodloe. [4th great-grandmother, Hankins line]


  1. Hi Linda, I like the idea, this week in family history, is this your brainchild or one of the blogging prompts I haven't seen? I have only seen it here.

  2. Holly - Thanks. This was an idea I had when I started the blog in Dec. but there are others who do similar posts. I started out with "This Month" the first time and it was just too long so changed in Feb. to weekly.