Wednesday, August 18, 2010

FGS 2010 - The Conference Has To Be Better Than The Trip

It was pouring the rain when I got up this morning and hadn't slacked up any by the time I left at 9:45 AM for the (usually) less than 2 hour drive to Knoxville. 

It wasn't like this all the way, most of the time it was worse. Driving over Jellico in a monsoon with heavy fog (sorry, no pictures of that) is definitely on my list of 5 least favorite things to do but somehow I made it.     

I'm expecting tomorrow to be a better day. 


  1. On our way here Monday we hit a blinding rain between Staunton and Christiansburg ... not fun. Glad you made it.

  2. Hi, Linda! I also hit some rain coming here this afternoon around 5:00 right in the middle of the Smokies. It was kinda scary, but thankfully it didn't last long or get too heavy. It was a 6 hour drive down I-40 from Raleigh for me. I just discovered your blog. Look forward to meeting you.

  3. Sounds like our trip too! Not much fun at all.

  4. Thanks Greta & Jennifer.

    Tina - We were on the same trail. I live abt. 50 miles south of Lexington.

    Hope to see you all tomorrow.