Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - George and Lois McCauley Dockins

George and Lois McCauley Dockins
abt. 1936

This picture is one of my personal favorites. Since next Tuesday would have been Aunt Lois' 92nd birthday, it seems like a good time to share it.


  1. Love the hat and her eyes are so intense! Great photo!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. These are great photographs, especially Lois' picture. She looks so stylish, serious, and very beautiful. Do you know the circumstances of this photo - engagement photo, passport photo, etc.? If this was taken in 1936 she would have been only about 18!

  3. Nancy, I don't know if there was an occasion for the picture. I'm guessing about the date but believe it was after (or maybe around the time of) their marriage in 1935 and before the birth of their 1st child in 1937. I have a similar picture (2 pictures melded together) that was made in 1937 when their daughter was a few months old, both of them are holding the baby so if you don't look closely, you would think she was twins.

    You definitely described Aunt Lois with stylish and beautiful. She wasn't nearly as serious as she looked here but was always perfectly "put together".