Saturday, July 3, 2010

Surname Saturday - Mott

Today's surname is Mott, the name of one of my 4th great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

5. Verda Waller "Verdie Jane" Hankins
10. Thomas Leander "Lee" Hankins
21. Isabella Jane Goodloe
43. Eliza Ann Dobyns

Born 18 Feb 1775, Northumberland County, Colony of Virginia
Married Edward Dobyns 26 ec 1797, Richmond County, Virginia
Probably died in Hopkins County, Kentucky

Born abt. 1741, Richmond County, Colony of Virginia
Married Nancy Ann Walker abt. 1765, Richmond County, Colony of Virginia
Died abt. 1789, Northumberland County, Virginia

Click the links above for sources and possibly more information on each ancestor and their family. If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.


  1. My husband has Mott's in his tree. Did any of your's end up in Ohio?

  2. Hi Linda - I don't know much about the Mott's other than Sally and her siblings were born in Northumberland County, VA. She moved to Hopkins County, KY after she married Edward Dobyns. At least a couple of her siblings also went to Hopkins County. I know names of spouses for some of the others but don't know where they ended up or if they ever left VA. You can see everything I have from the link above to Randolph Mott.