Saturday, July 24, 2010

Surname Saturday - Cooke

Today's surname is Cooke, the name of one of my 5th great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

4. John William McCauley
8. Joseph Smith Lanier
16. William Washington Lanier
32. James Lanier
64. Nathaniel Lanier

129. Mary Cooke
Married James Lanier abt. 1746, Brunswick County, Virginia

258. Henry Cooke

Click the links above for sources and possibly more information on each ancestor and their family. If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.


  1. Are you following the article: The Bassano Family by Cameron Allen in The Genealogist (beginning in the Spring 2009 Issue? They are ancestral to the Laniers of Virginia.

  2. Thanks Martin. I have not seen it but will add to my to do list. We just proved that my grandfather was a Lanier last year so I have only worked on the more recent generations so far. I have read a little of the "early" information about the Lanier family, enough to know of the Bassano connection and that both families were musicians.