Saturday, June 5, 2010

Surname Saturday - Mullins

Today's surname is Mullins, the name of two of my 3rd great-grandmothers and one of my 4th great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer but when it comes to the Owens and Mullins families it's not always clear.)

7. Emma Ewers Taylor (my maternal grandmother)
15. Emma Jane Owens
30. Madison Crawford "Matt" Owens
31. Cecilia "Celia" Owens

61. Rebecca "Becky" Mullins (mother of Matt)
Born abt. 1802, Wilkes County, North Carolina
Married Alfred Owens, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Died 1 Feb 1875, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

63. Louis A. Mullins (mother of Celia)
Born abt. 1802, North Carolina
Married Wesley Owens, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Died bef. 1860, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

121. Winefred Mullins (mother of Alfred and Wesley Owens)
Born 20 Mar 1766
Married David Owens 16 Dec 1780, Wilkes County, North Carolina
Died 26 Feb 1842, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

122. Champ Mullins (father of Becky)
Born bet. 1770 - 1775, North Carolina
Married Elizabeth (maiden name unverified but possibly Calloway)

126. Spencer Mullins (father of Louis A.)
Born abt. 1775, North Carolina
Married Mary King
Died 1 May 1853, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

244. Henry Mullins (father of Champ, Spencer and Winefred)
Married Mary "Polly" Terry
Died abt. 1811, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Click the links above for sources and possibly more information on each ancestor and their family. If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.

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