Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Prolific Dad

It's Saturday night so that means Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings has posted this week's mission for some Genealogy Fun:

The mission for Father's Day is:
Determine who is one of the most prolific fathers in your genealogy database or in your ancestry. By prolific, I mean the one who fathered the most children.

There are plenty of large families in my direct line. A quick (manual) run through my data base found 22 of my various grandfathers with 10 to 14 children. Honorable mention goes to Henry Goodloe with 17 (all by the same wife) but the winner is John Covey Howard with at least 20 children.

I say "at least" because in addition to the documented 20 children listed below, there was a rumor or two around the family that he had an illegitimate daughter.

1st wife, Matilda Brock had 11 children: Mahala, James, Michael, John Covey Jr., Larkin, Hiram Brock, Nancy, Elizabeth, Mary, Matilda and Jacob.

2nd wife, Sarah Saylor had 2 children: Newberry and Ary

2rd wife, Mary Morris had  7 children: Idress, Henry, Armenta, Sarah, Lucinda, Madison and Bobby.

Nineteen of these children lived until adulthood which seems remarkable for that many children born between 1828 and 1870.

For more about John Covey Howard click on the link above or this one for a previous post about him.

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