Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Research Trip Prep - My Bags Are Packed

In Almost Ready To Go I talked yesterday about some of the research materials for this trip and mentioned that I'm not going alone. This trip is to research my paternal grandfather (John William McCauley) and his family in the area where he and his parents were born and raised. There are four others going with me - two cousins, my brother and sister-in-law. There was to be one more but we just found out last night that another cousin had to cancel - and I'm bummed. It won't be the same without her.

Last summer four of us went to Mississippi to research our grandfather's life before he moved to Kentucky in about 1903. Not only was it wildly successful on the research end, we had a great time. If you have never taken a research trip with family, I highly recommend it - with the disclaimer that everyone must share your interest in the subject or it might not work out so well.

This trip was planned in conjunction with a family reunion that we will be attending on Saturday - with a group of 3rd cousins we have never met. The reunion is for descendants of William Larkin Lanier who was our grandfather's 1st cousin. We became acquainted (on-line) with one of William Larkin's grandsons and his wife last year while we were doing some intense research on our grandfather. They have been so helpful and supportive to us and when their branch of the family decided to get together, they invited us to join them. Isn't that exciting?

I haven't really blogged about our grandfather (who his children and grandchildren all called Papa) other than the occasional Wordless Wednesday photo and the Surname Saturday posts on his family lines. His story is long, complicated, incredible - almost unbelievable. We just put all the pieces together last year. It will take a book to tell everything and someday we will get it written. Telling the story of how our family searched for 50 years for Papa's roots could almost be another book.

I hope to do some blogging from the road but it's possible we'll be so busy there won't be time and it will have to wait until next week.

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  1. I know what you mean - the stories we uncover are pretty incredible, but the search for those stories is awfully interesting, too.

  2. Have a wonderful research trip! I hope you are able to fill in more of your grandfather's life while making your own family history.

  3. How exciting for you and your family. I am the only one in mine that goes from place to place to do research. This summer I will be in Morgantown, WV for a week and will be back at it working on my paternal grandmother's lines.