Monday, June 21, 2010

Research Trip - Lanier Reunion

Last week I wrote several posts about a recent research trip to Alabama and Georgia with a few family members. We didn't really accomplish a great deal on the research front but the trip was still well worth it just for the time we spent together in the area where our grandfather, John William McCauley, and his parents were born and grew up. The highlight of the trip was the Lanier Family Reunion we attended on June 12th.

Just over a year ago we were able to finally prove who our grandfather's parents were. Along the way we "met" (through e-mail) a new 3rd cousin and his wife who have been so helpful and supportive to our efforts that we will never be able to thank them enough. This cousin is the grandson of William Larkin Lanier who was our grandfather's 1st cousin. When the descendants of William Larkin decided to have a reunion this year, we were invited to join them. We had already been discussing a research trip to the area so worked out our schedules to get in a couple of days of research and attend the reunion.

Sisla Rebecca and William Larkin Lanier

William Larkin Lanier and his wife, Sisla Rebecca Williams had 11 children between 1889 and 1912. The children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of those 11 make up quite a large group. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming to the five of us that we really felt like part of this wonderful family. Thanks to everyone for including us and a very special thanks to Fran and Oz, you two are simply the best.

Series of posts about a research trip to Alabama and Georgia, June 9-12, 2010:
Research Trip - Lanier Reunion

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