Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Obituary for James Francis Taylor

Jim Taylor died in 1894. This is a copy of the original newspaper clipping from the Mt. Vernon Signal. It was saved by someone in the family, most likely Jim's son (and my great-grandfather), John C. Taylor, since it was handed down from one of his daughters. It's a treasure because the newspapers from that year are no longer available in any form.

James F. Taylor Dead, A Friend's Tribute:
James F. Taylor, after a lingering illness, died on the night of the 10th of June, 1894 at his home two miles east of Mt. Vernon. Mr. Taylor was born in Rockcastle county, Kentucky on July 8th, 1832, in which county he was raised and resided until his death. In his young manhood he was married to Miss Margaret Ramsey, a modestimable lady, by which union eleven children were born, nine of whom survive - - six sons and three daughters. His beloved wife preceded him to the grave by about two years and their remains now lie side by side in the family burying ground near their old homestead. "Uncle Jim" or "General" as many of his friends called him was a good neighbor and a consistent Christian, being an earnest member of the Buckeye Christian Church, where he was ever found at his place in the Sanctuary with health permitted. As a husband and father he was devoted and indulgent, as a citizen he was law abiding, patriotic and upright. Quite and unassuming, he was as true as steel and an honest man. His example is worthy to be followed and those near and who are dear to him will not go amiss should they follow his footsteps. "A faithful friend has left us. We will see his face no more! He had gone to meet his lov'd ones on the banks of the Golden Shore". J. K. McC.

Note: Whoever clipped this obituary got a bit close on the right edge so the last letter or two is missing from most every line. It is still readable but some assumptions were made.

I received this copy from W. H. Taylor, grandson of John C. Taylor. 


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