Sunday, May 30, 2010

This Week in the Family History - May 30 - June 5

1 Jun 1597 (413 years ago) - Anne Gerard Gydlowe [Goodloe] died in Aspull, Lancashire, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Gerard and Maude Bowlde and the wife of Robert Gydlowe. [14th great-grandmother, Hankins line]

2 Jun 1825 (185 years ago) - William Taylor married Martha "Patsy" Ramsey in Garrard County, Kentucky. William's parents are undetermined. Patsy was the daughter of Thomas Ramsey Sr. and Martha (maiden name unproven but possibly Goldman/Gouldman). [3rd great-grandparents, Taylor line]

2 Jun 1847 (163 years ago) - Joseph Smith Lanier was born in Randolph County, Alabama. He was the son of William Washington Lanier and Charlotte T. Jackson. [great-grandfather, Lanier line]

2 Jun 1892 (118 years ago) - Margaret E. Ramsey Taylor died in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Thomas Ramsey Jr. and Rhoda Ann Lavender and the wife of James Francis Taylor. [2nd great-grandmother, Taylor line]

3 Jun 1714 (296 years ago) - Joseph Mason married Elizabeth Barney in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Joseph's parents are unknown. Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Barney and Constance (maiden name unknown). [7th great-grandparents, Hopkins line]

4 Jun 1836 (174 years ago) - Madison Crawford "Matt" Owens was born in Rockcastle County. He was the son of Alfred Owens and Rebecca "Becky" Mullins. [2nd great-grandfather, Taylor line]

5 Jun 1843 (167 years ago) - Thomas Ramsey Sr. died in Garrard County, Kentucky. [4th great-grandfather, Taylor line]

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