Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day - Honoring Those Who Served

Orin Edward Taylor
Orin is my only relative (as far as I know) who died in service to our country so he gets the top spot in this Memorial Day post. He enlisted at Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas on April 1, 1941, was a 1st Lt. with Company E of the 4th Ranger Battalion and died at the age of 24 on January 31, 1944 in Anzio, Italy during WW II. [1st Cousin, once removed]

David Hankins McCauley
WW II - US Navy 1944-1946

Joseph Lee McCauley
WW II - US Army and US Navy

John William McCauley, Jr.
WW II - US Navy

J W Dukes
WW II - US Navy
[1st Cousin]

Marvin Ray Dukes
WW II - US Navy
[1st Cousin]

Jason Gordon Lucas, Jr. (on right, my Dad on left)
WW II - US Navy
[1st Cousin]

Elmer Dennis Hopkins (on left, person on right unknown)
Pre-WW I - US Army 1911-1914
WW I - US Army 1918-1919
[Maternal Grandfather]

John Covey Hopkins
WW I - Career US Army 1905-1935
[Great Uncle]

Howard Doctor "Doc" Hopkins
WW I - US Army
Post WW I - US Navy
[Great Uncle]

Grant Hopkins
Post WW I - US Marines 1921-1924
[Great Uncle]

Jimmy, Elvie and Perry Hankins
in France during WW I
[Great Uncles]

James Bailey Hankins
WW I - US Army 1917-1919

Albert Elvie Hankins
WW I - US Army

William Perry Hankins
WW I - US Army 1916-1920

[This is not an all inclusive list, just the ones I have a picture of in uniform and who are deceased.]

This Week in the Family History - May 30 - June 5

1 Jun 1597 (413 years ago) - Anne Gerard Gydlowe [Goodloe] died in Aspull, Lancashire, England. She was the daughter of Thomas Gerard and Maude Bowlde and the wife of Robert Gydlowe. [14th great-grandmother, Hankins line]

2 Jun 1825 (185 years ago) - William Taylor married Martha "Patsy" Ramsey in Garrard County, Kentucky. William's parents are undetermined. Patsy was the daughter of Thomas Ramsey Sr. and Martha (maiden name unproven but possibly Goldman/Gouldman). [3rd great-grandparents, Taylor line]

2 Jun 1847 (163 years ago) - Joseph Smith Lanier was born in Randolph County, Alabama. He was the son of William Washington Lanier and Charlotte T. Jackson. [great-grandfather, Lanier line]

2 Jun 1892 (118 years ago) - Margaret E. Ramsey Taylor died in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Thomas Ramsey Jr. and Rhoda Ann Lavender and the wife of James Francis Taylor. [2nd great-grandmother, Taylor line]

3 Jun 1714 (296 years ago) - Joseph Mason married Elizabeth Barney in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Massachusetts. Joseph's parents are unknown. Elizabeth was the daughter of Joseph Barney and Constance (maiden name unknown). [7th great-grandparents, Hopkins line]

4 Jun 1836 (174 years ago) - Madison Crawford "Matt" Owens was born in Rockcastle County. He was the son of Alfred Owens and Rebecca "Becky" Mullins. [2nd great-grandfather, Taylor line]

5 Jun 1843 (167 years ago) - Thomas Ramsey Sr. died in Garrard County, Kentucky. [4th great-grandfather, Taylor line]

Click the links for more information and sources.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Relationship Calculator

It's Saturday night so that means Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings has posted this week's mission for some Genealogy Fun:

1) Open up the genealogy software program of your choice.
2) Think about two special people in your family tree (your parents? your spouse? a famous person? a distant cousin? yourself?).
3) Use the Relationship Calculator in the software to determine the relationship between the two special people. If you don't know where to find the Relationship Calculator, go to the Help button and find out. Follow the directions!
4) Tell us about it in a blog post on your own blog, in a comment to this post on my blog, or in a Note or comment on Facebook.

I use Legacy Family Tree 7.4. The Relationship Calculator is found under the Tools menu and is also on my tool bar. There is a setting in Legacy that displays the relationship between you (or another person of your choice) and everyone in the database so when I am looking at a person's record I see their relationship to me (multiple relationships are indicated by a + and you need to go to the relationship calculator to see the others).

Just for the fun of it, I did two:

1) Benedict Arnold (yes, The Benedict Arnold) is my 4th cousin, 8 times removed. The Relationship Calculator shows our common ancestor and the line of descent for both of us. All I know about our common ancestor is the surname Arnold but I do know that Benedict's 2nd great-grandfather, William Arnold, and my 10th great-grandmother, Joanna Arnold, were siblings. (Screen shot below is the Relationship Calculator window.)

2) Dabney Carr is my 1st cousin 7 times removed. Dabney was a close friend of Thomas Jefferson and was also his brother-in-law, having married Jefferson's sister, Martha. Dabney and Martha are buried in the cemetery at Monticello.

Legacy allows the line of descent between two people to be printed (if there are multiple relationships any or all of them can be printed). The report below shows my relationship to Dabney Carr and only includes names but there are options to include birth/death years, full birth/death dates, marriage dates and/or pictures.

Surname Saturday - Lavender

Today's surname is Lavender, the name of one of my 3rd great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

7. Emma Ewers Taylor (my maternal grandmother)
14. John Cook Taylor
29. Margaret E. Ramsey

Born bet. 1800-1810, Kentucky
Married 1st Stephen Bradford Lair 25 Aug 1829, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Married 2nd Thomas Ramsey, Jr. 20 Jan 1839, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Died bet. 1845-1850, (probably) Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Buried Elmwood Cemetery, Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Born Virginia
Married 1st unknown (mother of Rhoda)
Married 2nd Nancy Tudor 28 Apr 1837, Lincoln County, Kentucky
Died Lincoln County, Kentucky

Click the links above for possibly more information on each ancestor and their family. If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Research Trip Prep - Getting Started

In early June I'll be heading south for a few days of research along the border of Alabama (Chambers and Randolph Counties) and Georgia (Heard and Troup Counties). Even though I'm very excited about this trip, I've put off doing all the prep work and only seriously started working on the "To Do" list last week. It's a good thing my genealogy software of choice, Legacy Family Tree, has such a great "To Do List" function.

Having a detailed to do list is a great tool whether you're headed to the library for a couple of hours or hitting the road for several days. Having a record of the places you have already searched for something can save you from wasting time covering the same ground over and over. All of these things can be tracked in Legacy.

It's called a "To Do List" but this Legacy function is really a research tracking system. Items can be general or specific to an individual. There are fields for: Category, Locality, Task to be Done, Open Date, Reminder Date, Close Date, Open/Closed Status, Priority and Tagging. There are tabs for Task Description and Results - both free form notes. There is also a tab for Repository where you can enter the name, address, phone number, e-mail, website and notes (like hours of operation).

Blank To Do Item

Items can be filterd by Category and/or Locality with the ability to include or exclude items based on status, type, priority and tag. Reports can also be filtered and sorted to get the specific items you want and you have control over which fields to include on the printed report. (Sample reports to come in a later post.)

List Filtered for Cemetery Category in Chambers County, AL

In addition to identifying the actual records I want to find, I use the To Do List to plan and prepare for the trip. I set up a new Category (AL/GA Trip 2010) and add To Do items for all the pre-trip things that need to be done - like making calls to courthouses and libraries to find out where records are housed; identifying cemeteries to visit and creating lists of grave sites in each cemetery; and finding addresses and directions for repositories and cemeteries.

I should get to work now. Hopefully, I'll be back in a few days to discuss my well laid plans and more about the trip.

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Millennia (creator of Legacy Family Tree software), receive no compensation from them and did not discuss this post with anyone connected to the company. I've just loved Legacy from the first day I started using it in 2007.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Joseph L. and Alice Kirby Taylor

Ramsey Taylor Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Dec 20, 1858 - Feb 13, 1921

Died Dec 5, 1938

Joe was the son of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. His name is listed as Josiah in Rockcastle County Birth Records and that is also how my grandmother (who was his niece) listed his name. His headstone and other records list him as Joseph and Joe. He married Mary Alice Kirby, daughter of Alex Kirby and Sarah Garrett on 19 Jul 1888 in Rockcastle County.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

This Week in the Family History - May 23 - 29

26 May 1660 (350 years ago) - Jacob Barney married Ann Witt (somewhere in the New England area, possibly Salem). Jacob's parents have not been identified. Ann was the daughter of Jonathan Witt. [9th great-grandparents, Hopkins line]

26 May 1980 (30 years ago) - Elmer Dennis Hopkins died in Harlan, Harlan County, Kentucky. He was the son of James Arton Hopkins and Lucinda Howard. [maternal grandfather]

30 May 1683 (327 years ago) - Hugh Cole was born in Swansea, Plymouth Colony. He was the son of Hugh Cole and Deborah Buckland. [7th great-grandfather, Hopkins line]

Click the links for more information and sources.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Surname Saturday - Mark

Today's surname is Mark, the name of one of my 3rd great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

6. Elmer Dennis Hopkins (my maternal grandfather)
13. Lucinda "Cindy" Howard
27. Mary F. "Polly" Morris

Born abt. 1802, Virginia
Married Littleton Morris
Died bef. 1880, Harlan County, Kentucky

Married Elizabeth Denny
Died abt. 1845, Lee County, Virginia

Click the links above for possibly more information on each ancestor and their family. If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

MyHeritage Goal to "Democratize Genealogy". Huh?

I really don't want to keep beating a dead horse but sometimes you just have to write a follow-up. On Friday, May 14th, I posted "Is An Award Always An Award?" regarding my take on being named to MyHeritige's list of Top 100 Genealogy Sites. Yesterday, Sebastien from MyHeritage made a comment to that post. The following is the text of his statement (you can also read his statement in the comments section of that post):

"Hi Everyone,

Thanks for the lively debate on the Blog Awards.

As you may realize there is no such thing as a perfect list. Are intention was to bring so much deserved attention to many of the genealogy outside of the limelight.

Any situation can be manipulated to see a corporate guise, but an overarching goal of MyHeritage is democratize genealogy. Take a look at the list and one can find a very broad document outlining some great avenues to information available online. There are many more out there, and we'll continue to cover these and others that are doing outstanding work to the best of our ability.

If you have any direct questions concerning the award campaign please feel free to contact me :

Again, we truly appreciate your feedback and your insights, so keep it up so we can get better at our selections and dialogue in the future!


So now not only is their list of Top 100 Genealogy Sites not really the TOP sites but the "overarching goal of MyHeritage is democratize genealogy". Does anyone even know what that means? I thought the blogosphere was already open to anyone with a computer and an opinion. As someone with less than six months of blogging experience, I can attest to the welcoming atmosphere of the genealogy blogging community.

Sebastien did not actually address my issue with their award in his comment to me but he did ask that any questions concerning the award campaign be e-mailed to him. Below is my response. 


I have published your comments below to my blog post "Is An Award Always An Award?" but since you ask for an e-mail regarding any direct questions about the award campaign I'm also responding to you by e-mail (although I will probably post this information to my blog as well). I thought my post explained my issue with your award but, since you did not address that in your response to me, I'll try to explain my problem with the award again

When you gave your award the title "Top 100 Genealogy Sites" and then defined the criteria for choosing who received the award to actually say that these aren't really the TOP genealogy sites, but instead are some nice lesser known sites then your motives seemed questionable to me (and at least a few others based on some of the comments floating around). I have yet to read that your company understands that the "award" was, at best, poorly named but instead you continue to promote it (like with your response to me). You now say your goal is to "democratize genealogy". I'm sorry but I have no idea what that even means but again, that doesn't sound like criteria for determining the top sites.

When I received your company's e-mail on 1/24/2010 offering to send me text to post on my blog regarding your site, I was offended. The text of that e-mail is included below in red in case you aren't aware of that mailing. Any blogger who would accept an offer like this would lose all credibility with me and I would hope with many others.

"Dear Linda
First and foremost, please accept my compliments on your beautiful blog.

My name is Silvio and I work as content editor for My Heritage ( With over 30 million users worldwide and is one of the most popular free Genealogy sites in the world.

I would like to know if you would be interested in writing a post about My Heritage. Here are some of the many free features offered:

1 – Free Family Tree Builder:
2 – Genealogy Research Center:
3 – Family Sites:

If time is an issue for you, I could provide you with a text written by me, and if it finds your approval, feel free to post it.

In any case, we at My Heritage would truly like to hear your feedback on our site and free services. By receiving the feedback from expert genealogist like you, we can continue our on-going improvements.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Silvio Branco"

Below in blue is my response which was sent on 1/25.

"I have no interest in promoting your site - most especially with your own words. This is beyond belief! Please do not contact me again.

Linda McCauley
Documenting The Details"

Your award just doesn't pass the smell test for me so I won't be displaying your lovely icon.

Linda McCauley
Documenting the Details

In my opinion, MyHeritage would have looked better if they had just admitted they messed up with this award because the more they try to explain it, the deeper the hole gets.

Wordless Wednesday - Berry and Elmer Hopkins

Hopkins Brother
[approx. 1913]

Berry and Elmer were the sons of James Arton Hopkins and Lucinda Howard. Elmer was my maternal grandfather.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - George and Martha Ann Taylor Riickert

Ramsey Taylor Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky

Born Jun 10, 1861
Died June 14, 1923

Born Feb 11, 1860
Died Sept. 11, 1940

Martha Ann "Mollie" Taylor was the daughter of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. George was her husband and the son of Charles and Magedelene Riickert.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ancestor Bio - John Covey Howard

John Covey Howard and one of his wives (see end of post for explanation)

John Covey Howard lived for most of the 19th century. He was born on March 6, 1806 in Knox County, Kentucky and died 93 years later on November 20, 1899 in Harlan County.  He was the son of John "War Jack" Howard and Mary Risner. Jack and Mary were listed in the Knox County census for 1810 and in Harlan County for 1820. Since Harlan County was created from part of Knox County in 1819, the family likely didn't actually move but simply lived in the area of Knox that became Harlan.

John Covey was married three times, divorced twice and had (at least) 20 children. According to my grandmother he was a farmer and distiller. (Yes, I believe that means he was a moonshiner.) Oddly, she also said he was the Sheriff of Harlan County in 1867 and he may have been a Justice of the Peace as well (based on at least one Harlan County marriage record showing Justice of the Peace John C. Howard performed the ceremony). Over the years, John Covey owned a good deal of land in Harlan County, much of it at Wallins Creek.

About 1828, John Covey married Matilda Brock, daughter of James Brock and Elizabeth Osborn. There was apparently a close connection between the Howard and Brock families as John Covey's siblings Larkin and Elizabeth married Matilda's siblings Elizabeth and James Jr.

John Covey and Matilda had 11 children together before she vanished sometime around 1850. Several stories have been told to explain Matilda's disappearance but the one apparently told by John Covey was that she ran off with a pack peddler and was never heard from again. (At least that's the story my grandmother heard from her mother-in-law, Lucinda Howard Hopkins, who was the daughter of John Covey and his 3rd wife.) Another story is that Matilda went to the spring to draw water, never returned and must have been killed. Many of Matilda's descendants have insisted that she would not have abandoned her children especially since several of them were still very young at the time. In the 1850 census, nine of her children were still at home with their father and ranged in age from 18 to 3 years. Regardless of what happened, John Covey obtained a divorce from Matilda claiming she no longer lived in the area.

Between 1852-1853, John Covey married Sarah "Sallie" Saylor. Not much is known about Sallie except that they had two children and she probably married Aaron Brock after her divorce from John Covey. She was living with Brock in 1860 in Harlan County along with her two children with John Covey. She may have died before 1870 as she is not found in that census and the children were living with John Covey.

On March 10, 1856, John Covey married Mary F. "Polly" Morris in Harlan County. John Covey was 50 years old by this time and, after two divorces, this marriage lasted for 43 years (until his death in 1899). Polly was the daughter of Littleton Morris and Martha "Patsy" Mark. She and John Covey had seven children and Polly also had a daughter prior to their marriage with Enoch Ball. (It is unclear if she and Enoch were married but most likely they were not.)

It's possible that John Covey had at least one other child. His daughter, Lucinda, told that he had two daughters named Elizabeth and implied that one of them was illegitimate. One of his daughters with Matilda was named Elizabeth but the second one has not been identified.

For more about John Covey Howard and his family, click on the link at the beginning of this post.

The picture above is John Covey and one of his wives. The original portrait is owned by a descendant of John Covey and Matilda (sorry I don't know her name) who allowed Pat Hopkins Howard to photograph it several years ago. Pat shared her photo with me. The owner believes the woman is Matilda but since she and John Covey would have been in their early 40's when she disappeared it's at least questionable that it is her. If it is not Matilda then it is probably his 3rd wife, Polly. 

John Covey Howard was my 2nd great-grandfather, his daughter, Lucinda, was my great-grandmother and his grandson, Elmer Dennis Hopkins was my maternal grandfather. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

This Week in the Family History - May 16 - 22

16 May 1942 (68 years ago) - Verda Waller "Verdie Jane" Hankins McCauley died in Greenville, Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Verdie was the daughter of Thomas Leander Hankins and Samantha Angeline Petty and the wife of John William McCauley. [paternal grandmother]

16 May 1957 (53 years ago) - Lucinda "Cindy" Howard Hopkins died in Wallins Creek, Harlan County, Kentucky. Cindy was the daughter of John Covey Howard and Mary F. "Polly" Morris and the widow of James Arton "Jim" Hopkins. [great-grandmother, Hopkins line]

20 May 1801 (209 years ago) - Wesley Owens was born in Wilkes County, North Carolina. He was the son of David Owens and Winefred Mullins. [3rd great-grandfather, Taylor line]

Click the links for more information and sources.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surname Saturday - Risner

Today's surname is Risner, the name of one of my 3rd great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

6. Elmer Dennis Hopkins (my maternal grandfather)
13. Lucinda "Cindy" Howard
26. John Covey Howard

53. Mary Risner
Born bet. 1785 - 1790, Scott County, Virginia
Married 1st John "War Jack" Howard
Married  2nd Gabriel Jackson 15 Feb 1827, Harlan County, Kentucky

106. Michael Risner
Married Catherine (maiden name unknown)
Died bef. 15 Dec 1814, probably in Virginia

Click the links above for possibly more information on each ancestor and their family. If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Is An Award Always An Award?

I have spent the past couple of days trying to figure out how to say something about the MyHeritage Top 100 Genealogy Sites without coming off as ungrateful and ungracious. I'm probably not going to succeed but one of the perks of having a blog is that it's a platform to express your opinions so here goes anyway.

I was surprised to see that Documenting the Details made this list because there is one thing I know for sure -  this blog is not one of the top 100 genealogy sites, it's not even one of the top 100 genealogy blogs. I've only been around for a few months and certainly don't have anything near the body of work that hundreds of other bloggers have. Even more surprising is that many of the most well known and respected genealogy blogs aren't on this list. So what is this award really?

According to MyHeritage: .  .  .  we've been scanning the web, evaluating content, and identifying some of the best genealogy sites on the internet right now. We put focus on finding hidden gems in the community, so there's a good chance that some of these sites you won't have seen before." They further commented ".  .  .  we decided that we wanted to go with some of less well-known sites with this." Well, "less well-known" and "sites you won't have seen before" sort of explains how this blog might have made the list but is that really the definition of the "Top 100 Genealogy Sites"? Based on their criteria, I have to agree with Randy Seaver (Genea-Musings) who commented to MyHeritage that "Top 100 Genealogy Sites You Might Want To Visit" would have been a better title. Frankly, if that had been the title I would have immediately written a post about how honored I was to be mentioned.

Don't get me wrong, there are many fine blogs on this list and I don't mean to diminish any of them at all. I read and enjoy over 30 of them on a regular basis and I recommend you take a look at the list for yourself. It's just when they put this blog on the list they made the "award" questionable to me considering the title. My skepticism is compounded because I received an e-mail from this company in January (less than one month after I started this blog) complementing my "beautiful blog" and asking if I would be interested in writing a post about their site. They offered to write the post for me in case I was too busy to do it myself. I took that to be a blatant attempt to take advantage of a newbie to get some free advertising for their company. I hope this "award" was just poorly named and was not simply another ploy to use the genealogy blogging community to promote their site. 

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Obituary for James Francis Taylor

Jim Taylor died in 1894. This is a copy of the original newspaper clipping from the Mt. Vernon Signal. It was saved by someone in the family, most likely Jim's son (and my great-grandfather), John C. Taylor, since it was handed down from one of his daughters. It's a treasure because the newspapers from that year are no longer available in any form.

James F. Taylor Dead, A Friend's Tribute:
James F. Taylor, after a lingering illness, died on the night of the 10th of June, 1894 at his home two miles east of Mt. Vernon. Mr. Taylor was born in Rockcastle county, Kentucky on July 8th, 1832, in which county he was raised and resided until his death. In his young manhood he was married to Miss Margaret Ramsey, a modestimable lady, by which union eleven children were born, nine of whom survive - - six sons and three daughters. His beloved wife preceded him to the grave by about two years and their remains now lie side by side in the family burying ground near their old homestead. "Uncle Jim" or "General" as many of his friends called him was a good neighbor and a consistent Christian, being an earnest member of the Buckeye Christian Church, where he was ever found at his place in the Sanctuary with health permitted. As a husband and father he was devoted and indulgent, as a citizen he was law abiding, patriotic and upright. Quite and unassuming, he was as true as steel and an honest man. His example is worthy to be followed and those near and who are dear to him will not go amiss should they follow his footsteps. "A faithful friend has left us. We will see his face no more! He had gone to meet his lov'd ones on the banks of the Golden Shore". J. K. McC.

Note: Whoever clipped this obituary got a bit close on the right edge so the last letter or two is missing from most every line. It is still readable but some assumptions were made.

I received this copy from W. H. Taylor, grandson of John C. Taylor. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - McCauley Family

Vernon, Verda, Gladys and Will McCauley
abt. 1907

Verda and Will had 11 children. Daughters Gladys and Vernon were their first two.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Robert Burke "Bob" Taylor and Margaret "Lou" Taylor Fralick

Ramsey Taylor Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Robert B. Taylor - Aug 14, 1870-Aug 11, 1949
Lou Fralick - May 31, 1868-Feb 8, 1940

Bob and Lou were siblings, children of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. Bob actually died in 1948 (according to his death certificate and obituary). Lou was the wife of Francis Preston "Press" Fralick. Bob was never married. This headstone was purchased by Lou's daughter, Lena Taylor, several years after Bob's death (which is probably how the mistake was made on the year of Bob's death). 

Monday, May 10, 2010

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Matrilineal Line

Well, it's not Saturday night but just because I'm a little late doesn't mean I can't play (after all, I was traveling home from vacation over the weekend). This past Saturday Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings posted his weekly mission for some Genealogy fun

1) List your matrilineal line - your mother, her mother, etc. back to the first identifiable mother. Note: this line is how your mitochondrial DNA was passed to you!

2) Tell us if you have had your mitochondrial DNA tested, and if so, which Haplogroup you are in.

1) Here's my line going back to my 5th great-grandmother:
Grandmother - Emma Ewers Taylor - 1900 - 1978; married Elmer Dennis Hopkins 
Great-Grandmother - Emma Jane Owens - 1882 - 1968; married John Cook Taylor 
2nd Great-Grandmother - Cecilia Owens - 1839 - 1908; married Madison Crawford Owens 
3rd Great-Grandmother - Louis A. Mullins - abt. 1802 - bef. 1860; married Wesley Owens 
4th Great-Grandmother - Mary King - bet. 1785-1795 - aft. 1860; married Spencer Mullins 
5th Great-Grandmother - Felicia Lewis - d. 1849; married Edward King 

2) I haven't had my mitochondrial DNA tested yet but it's on my To Do list. 

For more information on each grandmother, click the link in their name.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

This Week in the Family History - May 9 - 15

14 May 1878 (132 years ago) - Thomas Leander "Lee" Hankins married Samantha Angeline Petty in Madisonville, Hopkins County, Kentucky. Lee was the son of Albert Hankins and Isabella Jane Goodloe. Samantha was the daughter of John R. Petty and Margaret E. Thomas. [great-grandparents, Hankins line]

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Surname Saturday - Dobyns

Today's surname is Dobyns, the name of one of my 3rd great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

5. Verda Waller Hankins (my paternal grandmother)
10. Thomas Leander "Lee" Hankins
21. Isabella Jane "Janie" Goodloe

Married John Emerson "Jack" Goodloe 5 Oct 1836, Madisonville, Hopkins County, Kentucky
Died between 1846 - 1848, probably in Hopkins County, Kentucky

Born 19 Dec 1774, Richmond County, Virginia
Married Sarah "Sally" Mott 26 Dec 1797, Richmond County, Virginia
Died 1817, Hopkins County, Kentucky

Born 30 Dec 1743, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia
Married Amony (maiden name unknown, widow of William Forrester)
Died bef. 5 Oct 1789, Farnham, Richmond County, Virginia

Born bef. 1703, Essex County, Virginia
Married Sarah Nash abt. 1723
Died 16 Nov 1760, Richmond County, Virginia

Born abt. 1654, England
Married Elizabeth Godson abt. 1688
Died abt. 1713, probably in Virginia

This line goes back several more generations and can be accessed starting here. The earlier information is from Daniel Dobyns of Colonial Virginia; His English Ancestry and American Descendants by Kenneth W. Dobyns and Margaret Strum Thorpe (Arlington, Virginia; 1969, updated 2000).

If you are connected to this family, e-mail me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Pawleys Island, SC

Still a few days left at my favorite beach so a few more pictures.

The sun sets on the creekside, sometimes it's spectacular.

April 26th

April 29th

May 4th

All straight out of the camera, no editing. To view larger copies, see SmugMug gallery.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Milton J. "Milt" and Janie Sowder Taylor

Ramsey Taylor Cemetery, Rockcastle County, Kentucky
Janie - 1884-1955
Milt - 1872-1928

Milt was born on 17 Feb 1872 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. He was the son of James Francis Taylor and Margaret E. Ramsey. He died on 3 Jan 1928 in London, Laurel County, Kentucky at Pennington Infirmary where he was taken after being hit in the head with an axe by a neighbor. Milt married Janie Sowder, daughter of Richard Sowder and Sarah Owens, on 7 Aug 1901 in Rockcastle County. Janie was born 20 Feb 1886 at Woodbine, Knox County, Kentucky (according to her death certificate) although the headstone shows she was born in 1884. She died on 26 Dec 1955 in Rockcastle County.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

This Week in the Family History - May 2 - 8

3 May 1716 (294 years ago) - Joseph Cole was born in Swansea, Bristol County, Massachusetts. He was the son of Hugh Cole and Martha Luther. [6th great-grandfather, Hopkins line]

6 May 1681 (329 years ago) - Hugh Cole married Deborah Buckland (exact location not known but probably in Plymouth Colony). Hugh was the son of Hugh Cole and Mary Foxwell. Deborah was the daughter of Joseph Buckland and Deborah Allen. [8th great-grandparents, Hopkins line]

7 May 1863 (147 years ago) - Madison Crawford "Matt" Owens married Cecilia "Celia" Owens in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Matt was the son of Alfred Owens and Rebecca Mullins. Celia was the daughter of Wesley Owens and Louis A. Mullins. [2nd great-grandparents, Taylor line]

8 May 1755 (255 years ago) - Job Weeks was born in Gloucester County, New Jersey. (His parents are not known.) [5th great-grandfather, Hankins line]

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Surname Saturday - Weeks

Today's surname is Weeks, the name of one of my 3rd great-grandmothers. (I've included Ahnentafel numbers to make the relationships clearer.)

5. Verda Waller Hankins (my paternal grandmother)
10. Thomas Leander "Lee" Hankins
20. Albert Elvie Hankins

41. Mary "Polly" Weeks
Born abt. 1816
Married Houston G. Hankins 17 Jul 1833, Livingston County, Kentucky
Died bef. 1870

82. James Weeks Sr.
Married Delinda (maiden name unknown) bef 1811, Warren County, Ohio
Died abt. 1827, Livingston County, Kentucky

164. Job Weeks
Born 8 May 1755, Gloucester County, New Jersey
(Wife unknown)
Probably died in Livingston County, Kentucky

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