Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Perry Hankins' Obituary

This obituary for Perry Hankins is a treasure because it contains some information I might not otherwise know. Perry died in Denver, Colorado of Tuberculosis which he contracted during military service, he had been in Denver for 7 weeks receiving treatment, his body was shipped back to Hopkins County, Kentucky by train, he spent 5 years in the US Army, he was buried in the Catholic Cemetery in Hopkins County (apparently without a headstone as he is not listed in Hopkins County Cemetery transcriptions) and his family were living in Earlington at the time of his death. What I still don't know is the date of Perry's death because it's not mentioned. [Finding the actual paper and date of publication is on my To Do list.]  

William Perry Hankins was the brother of my grandmother, Verda Hankins McCauley. This clipping was saved by their mother, Samantha Petty Hankins, and was no doubt published in a Hopkins County, Kentucky newspaper (likely Earlington or possibly Madisonville). I received the copy from Sue Morgan London, daughter of Perry's niece, Helen Hankins Morgan.

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