Sunday, April 11, 2010

This Week in the Family History - April 11 - 17

11 Apr 1781 (229 years ago) - Deborah Allen Hopkins died (location not known). Deborah was the daughter of Isaac Allen and wife of William Hopkins. [7th great-grandmother, Hopkins line]

16 Apr 1718 (292 years ago) - Diana Vivian Minor died in Middlesex County, Colony of Virginia. Diana was the daughter of John Vivian and Margaret Smith and the wife of Garrett Minor. [8th great-grandmother, Hankins line]

16 Apr 1882 (128 years ago) - Emma Jane Owens was born in Freedom, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. Emmie was the daughter of Madison Crawford Owens and Cecilia Owens. [great-grandmother, Taylor line]

17 Apr 1899 (111 years ago) - John Emerson "Jack" Goodloe died in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Jack was the son of Henry Lewis Goodloe and Elizabeth Berry. He was married twice - first to Eliza Ann Dobyns, second to Elizabeth Pettus. [3rd great-grandfather, Hankins line]

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  1. Interesting concept. I'll need to go through my genealogy program and see if I can apply it. It may be a good way to remind me of the more obscure branches I have been neglecting.