Wednesday, March 31, 2010

William Taylor - Will DNA Give Us Answers?

In January and February, I wrote about my William Taylor brick wall (here and here) and set out a research plan. I haven't done much work on this project since then but this week brought some exciting news.

First a short re-cap: William Taylor, born bet. 1798-1805 probably in Virginia; married 3 times, 1st in Garrard County, Kentucky; lived in Rockcastle County, Kentucky and died there between 1880-1886; father possibly Rev. War soldier William Taylor from Rockbridge County, Virginia who settled in Rockcastle County in early 1800's. Problem - no real proof that the elder William Taylor was the younger William's father.

A few days ago I received an e-mail from Richard McMurtry who is heading up a W/SW Virginia Taylor Family DNA Project. This project is seeking to determine the relationship, if any, between the various Taylor families of colonial western and southwestern Virginia, including the counties of Rockingham, Augusta, Botetourt, Rockbridge, Montgomery, Wythe and Grayson. Richard asked if I would be interested in finding a descendant of my William Taylor to participate.

Of course, I was interested. According to his Pension Application filed in Rockcastle County, Kentucky in 1832, Rev. War William was born in Augusta County, Virginia and enlisted in Rockbridge County where he was living in 1777. This could be just the break we've needed to finally tie the younger William Taylor to Rev. War William Taylor.

My mother has a cousin who fits the male line requirements for Taylor Y DNA testing. Even though I've never met him, both he and his wife have been extremely generous with their research from the first time I contacted them several years ago. I forwarded Richard's e-mail to them and, as of today, a DNA test kit is already in the mail to him.

This W/SW Virginia Taylor DNA project is allied with the larger Taylor Genes DNA project which already has over 300 Taylor DNA samples analyzed. Included in that group is a sample from a descendant of Isaac Taylor who died in 1781 and is said to be the grandfather of Rev. War William.

I'm excited!

Anyone interested in participating in this Taylor DNA project should contact Richard McMurtry.

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  1. Great! Would love a DNA test even though mine should be pretty simple being that I am first generation American... but my mother is from Sicily and they have had a slew of invasions in history... who knows what blood flows through me from that side!