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Timeline - Emma Jane Owens Taylor

This timeline and related posts to come are for an entry in the 91st Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy "A Tribute to Women!." This edition of the COG states: "March is women's history month and a great time to honor the women on our family trees. Write a biography about a woman on your family tree starting with a timeline of their life." To learn more about the Carnival of Genealogy see these FAQs at Creative Gene

I've chosen my great-grandmother, Emma Jane Owens Taylor, as the subject for this tribute because she is the oldest ancestor that I knew well. She was one of 3 great-grandparents who were living when I was born but the other two died before I was six years old. "Granny" died when I was 16 years old and I'd lived in the same town with her since I was six months old. 

TIMELINE - Emma Jane Owens Taylor

1881-Sep 19 - Chester A. Arthur became President of the United States.
1882-Apr 16 - Emma Jane Owens was born in Freedom, Rockcastle County, Kentucky to Madison Crawford Owens and Cecila Owens. She was the youngest of 7 children.
1886-Oct 28 (age 4) - The Statue of Liberty was dedicated.
1886-Dec 23 (age 4) - Her sister, Sallie, married Mack Craig at their parents home in Freedom.
1888-Feb 1 (age 5) - Her brother, George, married Sibbie Jane Hamm in Rockcastle County.
1895-Apr 19 (age 13) - Her brother, Dave, married Ida Belle Owens in Rockcastle County.
1898-Apr 25 - Dec 10 (age 16) - Spanish-American War.
1900-Jan 16 (age 17) - She married John Cook Taylor at her parents home in Freedom.
1900-Oct 24 (age 18) - Her daughter, Emma Ewers, was born in Mt. Vernon, Rockcastle County, Kentucky.
1903-Dec 17 (age 21) - The Wright brothers made the 1st flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
1905-Apr 11 (age 23) - Her son, Hartford Conn, was born in Mt. Vernon.
1908-Nov 18 (age 26) - Her mother, Celia Owens, died at her home in Freedom.
1911-Sep 7 (age 29) - Her step-daughter, Susie, married August Krueger at Emma Jane and John's home in Mt. Vernon.
1914-Apr 6 (age 31) - US entered World War I.
1918-Jun 10 (age 36) - Her daughter, Anna Rose, was born in Mt. Vernon.
1918-Nov 11 (age 36) - World War I ended.
1920-Mar 21 (age 37) - Her father, Matt Owens, died at his home in Freedom.
1920-Oct 11 (age 38) - Her daughter, Emma, married Elmer D. Hopkins in Jellico, Campbell County, Tennessee.
1928-Nov 9 (age 46) - Her son, Hartford, married Betty Mulliner in Galesburg, Knox County, Illinois.
1934-Jan 10 (age 51) - Her brother, Wesley Alfred, died at Freedom. 
1937-Jun 3 (age 54) - Her sister, Elizabeth Craig, died.
1941-Dec 8 (age 59) - US entered World War II.
1945-Sep 2 (age 63) - World War II ended.
1945-9 Nov (age 63) - Her sister, Sallie Craig, died in Rockcastle County.
1947-3 Feb (age 64) - Her daughter, Anna Rose, married Holt Chesnut (location undetermined).
1950-Dec 6 (age 68) - Her brother, George, died in Rockcastle County.
1953-Jun 16 (age 71) - Her brother, Dave, died in Rockcastle County.
1953-Sep 7 (age 71) - Her husband, John, died at their home in Mt. Vernon.
1961-Sep 25 (age 79) - Her step-daughter, Gracie Taylor, died in Mt. Vernon.
1962-Feb 20 (age 79) - John Glenn became 1st US astronaut to orbit Earth.
1963-Oct 17 (age 81) - Her son, Hartford, died suddenly of a stroke in Waukegan, Lake County, Illinois.
1964-14 Feb (age 81) - Her step-daughter, Susie Krueger, died in Mt. Vernon.
1968-Mar 17 (age 85) - Emma Jane died at the Rockcastle County Hospital in Mt. Vernon.
1968-Mar 19 - Her funeral service was held at Cox Funeral Home in Mt. Vernon and she was buried in Elmwood Cemetery.

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Sources for these personal events are from family stories, marriage records, census records, death certificates and newspaper articles. See my website for detailed sources.  The historic events are from History Timeline.

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