Monday, March 1, 2010

Give Their Face A Place - Lucinda Howard Hopkins

The word prompt for the 21st Edition of Smile For The Camera is "Give Their Face A Place." March is Women's History month and you are asked to picture women back into history. The unknown, known and unsung women who are often the foundation of our family history.

Meet my great grandmother, Lucinda "Cindy" Howard Hopkins

Cindy was 18 years old when this picture was taken shortly after her marriage to James Arton Hopkins in December, 1885. She was born in 1867 at Wallins Creek in Harlan County, Kentucky and was 90 years old when she died there in 1957. Even though she was born and died at Wallins Creek she didn't spend her entire life there.  

Cindy looked a bit stern in this picture, no doubt a look that was often on her face as she raised 8 sons and one daughter. The first seven boys were born at Wallins Creek then the family moved to Rockcastle County near Brodhead in about 1901. Her only daughter and two youngest sons were born there. (The youngest son died in infancy.) About 1923, Cindy and Jim moved to Warren County, Ohio where he died ten years later. 

In the mid 1940's Cindy returned to her roots, moving from Ohio back to Wallins Creek to a house her brother had built on land their father had owned and where she had grown up and started her own family. There were people renting the house at the time who didn't want to move out so they told Cindy that she didn't want to live in that house because it was haunted. Without hesitating, Cindy told them that was alright, the ghosts would all be her relatives and she'd be glad to see them. Cindy spent the last years of her life in that house and died there.

This is my first time participating in the Blog Carnival Smile for the Camera. I hope to continue participating on a regular basis. 

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