Monday, March 15, 2010

It's Not Just Madness Monday - It's March Madness!

There aren't too many things that distract me from genealogy these days. There are probably people who would tell you that nothing does, but they would be wrong. I will drop everything for some time at the beach or for a cruise so that's two things right there. A third thing that can make me forget all about ancestors is the NCAA Tournament - especially this year when my Kentucky Wildcats are looking good.

What does this have to do with Genealogy, you ask? Well Genealogy and the NCAA Tournament actually have something in common. Each uses the same basic chart to track progress. The NCAA bracket is really a just an hourglass style 7-generation pedigree chart, completed in reverse by starting with 64 teams (I know it's really 65 but humor me) and working down to one. It's the same chart we use to start with ourselves and work toward our 64 ancestors in generation 7.

I'll try to get a little genealogy and blogging done around games but, starting at noon on Thursday, I'll be thinking less about brick walls and more about John Wall although I won't stop thinking about my favorite Cousins. I hope to be completely distracted through April 5th but anything can happen in the tournament so I could become unhappy at any time. If that's how it turns out, I'll have those brick walls and that other chart to help take my mind off the pain.

GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Nice Blog Linda! love the connections! Basketball & genealogy who would have thought of that???