Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fearless Females - Prompt 16

March 16 - If you could have lunch with any female family member (living or dead) or any famous female who would it be and why? Where would you go? What would you eat?

I didn't have to think about this for one second. I would have lunch with Nancy Jane Bennett Lanier. Nancy Jane was my great grandmother but until last year I knew virtually nothing about her and had never seen this picture. My grandfather left home as a young man, never saw his family again and, except for names and birth dates, told his children almost nothing about his parents. Because of that I've never heard one single story about Nancy Jane that was passed down through my family - everything I know about her comes from research.

Where would we go? Somewhere quite and private, I have a lot of questions. What would we eat? Whatever she wanted since I doubt I would have any interest in food if I could talk to Nancy Jane.

Fearless Females is a series of daily prompts for March in honor of Women's History Month created by Lisa Alzo at The Accidental Genealogist.

Photo courtesy of Kathy Collier Mehl, great great granddaughter of Nancy Jane. 

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