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91st Carnival of Genealogy, A Tribute To Women! - Emmie's Story (Part 3)

Continued from Emmie's Story (Part 2)

Like most, if not all, other places Emmie and John had lived, the house on this 2nd farm didn't have electricity or running water. They had a spring which supplied drinking water and also served as a way to keep butter and milk cool. They caught rainwater for laundry. Emmie would build a fire under a big pot of rainwater and stir their clothes and linens with a big paddle that John had made for her. She didn't have a clothesline so everything was hung on the fence.

Emmie was a great cook even though she never owned a cookbook and only had a wood stove. Her daughter, Emma, had a long list of favorite foods that her mother cooked including biscuits, fried chicken, gravy, fried apples, corn bread and chow chow. She churned her own butter and made cottage cheese and also made pies and jam with wild blackberries that the girls would pick. She had very few kitchen utensils or even pans so she would bake big pies in the lid to the lard can.

By the mid 1940's John was in his eighties and his health was failing so they left the farm and moved back into town to a duplex on West Main Street where they had lived in the early 1920's. Their youngest daughter, Anna Rose, married Holt Chesnut on February 3, 1947.

Emmie and John had eleven grandchildren. Susie and Emma both had four children, Hartford two and Anna Rose one. There was no mention in the family of "step" or "half" relationships. I was probably a teenager before I found out that Susie and Grace were my grandmother's half sisters. They were simply sisters and Susie's children were simply Emmie's grandchildren.

John died on September 7, 1953 just a few months short of his 90th birthday. By that time all of Emmie's siblings had also died so she was the last one left from her family. Gracie died on September 25, 1961. She had never married so had lived with John and Emmie during their entire marriage and with Emmie after her father's death.

Continued - Part 4 (the end) of Emmie's Story

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