Friday, February 26, 2010

Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games - Final Medal Count

It's the last day of the Winter 2010 GeneaBlogger Games so time for the final medal count.

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources - PLATINUM MEDAL
50 old source citations were re-written according to standards outlined in Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills.

2. Back Up Your Data - PLATINUM MEDAL
Task E requirements were met.

3. Organize Your Research - GOLD MEDAL
Completed Tasks C, D and E. Also made some progress in Tasks A and B just not enough to complete either task.

4. Expand Your Knowledge - PLATINUM MEDAL
Completed all five tasks.

5. Write, Write, Write - PLATINUM MEDAL
Completed Tasks A, C, D, E, and F.

6. Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness - PLATINUM MEDAL
Completed Tasks A, B, C, D, F, and G.

I have to say that I appreciate the efforts of Thomas and everyone else involved in organizing this event and I'm glad I decided to start a blog in time to participate. It's been fun plus I've gotten some much needed work done and learned several new things. It's also put me on the road to better organization and hopefully that will last at least until I get all the filing caught up.

My original goals were 2 Platinum, 1 Gold and 2 Silver medals so no one is more surprised than me at the final count of 5 Platinums and 1 Gold. I credit my success with being retired and living in a small town where there is nothing else to do. Now, if someone will just offer me a medal every month for keeping my office straight and finishing my filing . . . .

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