Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter 2010 GB Games - Progress Report #6

Thursday (Feb. 18th) was Day 6 of the competition. Here's the list of categories and the tasks I've completed so far:

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources. (Gold Medal earned so far)
Create proper citations of sources for as many events possible using either "Evidence Explained" by Elizabeth Shown Mills or "How to Cite Sources" by John Wiley.
27 total Citations completed  on 2/14, 2/15, 2/16 and 2/17 meeting the Silver requirement of 20. 
Added 8 more citations today for a total of 35 citations (attached to 119 events/facts). Good enough for Gold  level.

2. Back Up Your Data. (Gold Medal earned so far)
Task C - completed 2/14 (actually completed everyday) 

3. Organize Your Research.
OK, I've finally done a tiny bit of work in this category. Nothing medal worthy but it's a start.
Task B: Organize at least 20 digital files into folders, label, add metadata, add descriptions, add tags, etc.
2 Completed
Task D: Organize at least 20 digital photos into folders, label, add metadata, add descriptions, add tags, etc.
4 Completed
(I told you it was a tiny bit.)

4. Expand Your Knowledge - PLATINUM MEDAL 
Task A - completed 2/13
Task B - completed 2/14 
Task C - completed 2/16
Task D - completed 2/16  
Task E - completed 2/15  

5. Write, Write, Write. PLATINUM MEDAL
Task A: Write a summary of what your blog is about and post it on your blog.
Added a page "About Blog".
Task C - completed 12/13 
Task D - completed 2/15 
Task E - completed 12/13
Task F - completed 12/13

6. Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness. (Diamond Medal earned so far)
Task A - completed 2/15 
Task C: Invite other genealogists to join Facebook, GenealogyWise, Twitter or some other social media network where genealogists meet. 
Task F: Join a genealogical, historical, heritage or lineage society.
Joined East Tennessee Historical Society. I already belonged to 6 other organizations that fit in this category and had been thinking about adding ETHS to the list. 
Task G - completed 2/15 
Task B and D: I've got a list of headstone photos to make for Find A Grave but unless the weather straightens up around here that's not going to happen.

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