Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter 2010 GB Games - Progress Report #4

Tuesday (Feb. 16th) was Day 4 of the competition. Here's the list of categories and the tasks I've completed so far:

1. Go Back and Cite Your Sources. (Bronze Medal earned so far)
Create proper citations of sources for as many events possible using either "Evidence Explained" by Elizabeth Shown Mills or "How to Cite Sources" by John Wiley.
11 Citations completed 2/14 and 2/15 meeting the Bronze requirement of 10.  
Added 5 more citations for a total of 16 so still at Bronze level.

2. Back Up Your Data. (Gold Medal earned so far)
Task C - completed 2/14 (actually completed everyday) 

3. Organize Your Research.
Looks like I'm ignoring this category. I don't mean to but that's probably why this is my worst event. I have some things in mind and I'll start on them soon. Probably. Maybe. 

4. Expand Your Knowledge - Platinum Medal earned
Task A - completed 2/13
Task B - completed 2/14 
Task C: Create a memorial page for an ancestor using either Footnote's Create a Page feature or their Facebook application I Remember.
Created a Footnote page for my 4th great-grandfather, Thomas Ramsey Sr. who served in the Revolutionary War. I had never done this before and was a little disappointed that I couldn't link Footnote records (like Thomas' pension application) to the page but liked that I could link to Thomas' page on my website.
Task D: Visit tutorial and learning pages of popular websites such as Ancestry.com or FamilySearch's excellent articles repository.
Visited both Ancestry and FamilySearch. I definitely need to spend more time checking out the FamilySearch articles. Watched the Census tutorial at Ancestry. Can't say I really learned anything new but I would certainly recommend it and some of the other items in Ancestry's Learning Center to beginners. 
Task E - completed 2/15  

5. Write, Write, Write. (Diamond Medal earned so far)
Task C - completed 12/13 
Task D - completed 2/15 
Task E - completed 12/13
Task F - completed 12/13

6. Reach Out and Perform Genealogical Acts of Kindness. (Silver Medal earned so far)
Task A - completed 2/15 
Task G - completed 2/15 


  1. Great work! It's easy to get those medals when we are having fun, right?

  2. Fun being the keyword. You'll notice I'm not making much progress in the organization and citing sources events. :)

  3. Super job Linda. Along with you, I've barely touch my citing sources event and that's the event I wanted to do most!

    BTW, I checked out your website - very impressive. I'm relatively knew to Legacy (still learning the features) and I like how they prepare the pages.

  4. Alana, Thanks. I switched from FTM to Legacy a little over 2 years ago and am very happy with it. I still don't have everything set up the way I want to best take advantage of all the features but am slowly making progress.