Thursday, February 18, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - My Chair

My grandmother, Emma Taylor Hopkins, took a trip to Mexico in 1953 and brought back this chair for me. I was just old enough to walk around and sit in it. Every child in the family has used it over the years and the seat has been re-done but the paint job is original. 

In addition to my chair, they also brought back an amazing story. Mamaw and one of my aunts took this trip by themselves, driving from Kentucky to Texas and Mexico. They visited a friend of Mamaw's in Texas and she went with them to Monterrey, Mexico. Their car overheated on the way down and they ended up sitting on the side of the road wondering what would become of them. Before long, a man stopped to help. Mamaw was more than a little surprised to recognize him as a man from Mt. Vernon that she knew from high school. He lived in Texas at the time and they hadn't seen each other since they were teenagers. He was able to fix the car and they finished their trip even taking a detour through Kansas to visit her brother, Bill, before returning to Kentucky.


  1. I love the painting! Isn't it wonderful that the chair has survived the generations to become such a treasure?

    What a blessing that your grandmother's old friend was the person to stop to help her and what a fun to story to be able to share!

  2. Off topic. What is Mamaw. Is that a first name or a name for Mother. I have seen it before. Just curious.

    I always wanted to keep a traditional chair for my children. I tried, but it didn't work. Now I have a stool. I think though, that you have to tell your children and let them know the specialness of it. To my children it is just a stool. And now you have inspired me to treasure chest our stool.

  3. "Mamaw" is what we called our grandmother. It's a pretty commonly used term here in Kentucky along with "Papaw" for grandfathers. Now you've made me wonder about the origin of those names. I'll have to do some research. :)