Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy 101 Award Received

Imagine my surprise when I found that Dr. William L. Smith at "Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories" had honored me with the Happy 101 Award. Since I've only been blogging for about two weeks this is a very nice welcome to the club and I appreciate Dr. Bill including me. Within minutes of originally publishing this post, I also received this award from Cathy Palm at "In Deeds" so I am doubly happy and appreciate Cathy thinking of me.*

It appears that my charge for accepting this award is to list 10 things that make me happy and pass the award on to 10 other blogs.

10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Ancestors (except for the ones who are hiding from me)
  2. Pawleys Island, SC (fondly referred to as "the beach")
  3. Breaking down a brick wall (or even making a little nick in one)
  4. Watching my favorite college basketball and football teams (Go Big Blue)
  5. Retirement (no explanation necessary)
  6. Cruising (just completed my 9th last month)
  7. Photography (check out my pix on SmugMug)
  8. Mystery Novels on my iPod (because I can listen while driving or laying on "the beach")
  9. Gadgets (especially if they are useful for Genealogy)
  10. Blogging
Finding 10 blogs to pass this award to was harder than it first sounded. Mainly because so many of the ones I read have already received this award in the past few days. I decided to spread the happiness around so tried to find 10 that had not received it and some who, like me, are new to blogging.
  1. Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog
  2. Carrow and Fount family tales
  3. Genwriting
  4. Last2cu
  5. Journeys In Genealogy
  6. Tina's Genealogical Wish List
  7. Elyse's Genealogy Blog
  8. Raeburn Family Odyssey
  9. Who Will Tell Their Story?
  10. KSCollier (This one isn't a genealogy blog but it belongs to a new cousin found through genealogy research.)

*Revised: 10 Jan 2010, 3:40 PM


  1. Hi Linda,

    Does this make it twice as nice?!

    From my "In Deeds" blog to you -- I'd like to pass along the Happy 101 Award to your blog.
    A copy can be found at:

    Cathy Palm

  2. Thanks so much Linda for the award.