Sunday, December 27, 2009

Why Blog?

I enjoy reading genealogy blogs so blogging my own genealogy is something I have been thinking about for a while. Questions like “Do I have anything interesting to say?”, “Do I have the time or commitment to keep it up?” and “Will anyone read it?” usually squelched any serious thoughts - until now. While considering the possibility again last night this blog somehow got set up so I guess the decision to proceed has been made.

Entering a blog name was one of the first things to do in the set-up process. It seemed like a good idea to figure out a main focus for the blog first and hope it would name itself. Like most everyone who ever got into genealogy, I started out trying to go back as far as possible as fast as possible. Whoever accumulates the most names, dates and places wins, right? Well, maybe not. Over the past couple of years, I've concentrated on “DOCUMENTING THE DETAILS” to get a more complete picture of the lives of my ancestors so that seems to be the logical focus (and name) for this blog.

Now that I have a focus, I guess it’s time to start writing. I have a few ideas already for stories and along the way I will mix in some research struggles and (hopefully) successes as well as participate in some of the GeneaBloggers’ Daily Themes.


  1. I finished my post today for my 1 yr "blogoversary' coming up and touched on a few of the same points as you have above. It will post in two weeks. In the mean time I have learned it is a nice idea to let people know when you are reading and enjoying the posts...keep posting...I like them.

  2. Holly, Thanks for the comments. I'll check out your blog later this weekend.

  3. Hi Linda, I'm glad to see you start your blog. You pretty much stated the exact reasons why I started my genea-blog. I will be following your blog and look forward to reading about your adventures in details.