Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Month in the Family History - January, 2010

This is a list of January births, marriages and deaths for my direct line ancestors. Click on the link for more information about the person.

1 Jan 1811 (199 years ago) - Barnabas Hankins married Sarah Fox in Hopkins County, Kentucky. (Hankins Line)

5 Jan 1933 (77 years ago) - James Arton "Jim" Hopkins died in Harlan Township, Warren County, Ohio at the age of 71. (Hopkins Line)

7 Jan 1944 (66 years ago) - Samantha Angeline Petty Hankins died in Madisonville, Hopkins County, Kentucky at the age of 82. (Hankins Line)

8 Jan 1654/55 (356/355 years ago) - Hugh Cole married Mary Foxwell probably in Colonial Massachusetts. (Hopkins Line)

13 Jan 1668/69 (342/341 years ago) - John Waller married Mary Pomfrett in Walton, Buckinghamshire, England. (Hankins Line)

16 Jan 1900 (110 years ago) - John Cook Taylor married Emma Jane Owens in Freedom, Rockcastle County, Kentucky. (Taylor Lines)

16 Jan 1912 (98 years ago) - Eliza Hopkins Simpson died in Epps, Butler County, Missouri at the age of 74. (Hopkins Line)

17 Jan 1693/94 (317/316 years ago) - Elizabeth Barney was born in Rehoboth, Bristol County, Colonial Massachusetts. (Hopkins Line)

19 Jan 1978 (32 years ago) - Emma Ewers Taylor Hopkins died in Harlan, Harlan County, Kentucky at the age of 77. (Taylor Line)

20 Jan 1839 (171 years ago) - Thomas Ramsey Jr. married Rhoda Ann Lavender (Lair) in Lincoln County, Kentucky (Taylor Line)

22 Jan 1687/88 (323/332 years ago) - Mary Dabney was born. (Hankins Line)

22 Jan 1698/99 (312/311 years ago) - Hugh Cole died in Swansea, Bristol County, Colonial Massachusetts at the age of 70. (Hopkins Line)

23 Jan 1700/01 (310/309 years ago) - George Goodloe was born in Christchurch, Middlesex County, Colonial Virginia. (Hankins Line)

23 Jan 1754 (256 years ago) - Thomas Allen Goodloe was born in either Spotsylvania or Caroline County, Colonial Virginia. (Hankins Line)

27 Jan 1838 (172 years ago) - Isabella Jane "Janie" Goodloe was born in Hopkins County, Kentucky. (Hankins Line)

Specific Day Not Known:
Jan 1677/78 (333/332 years ago) - Maindort Doodes died in Middlesex County, Colonial Virginia. (Hankins Line)

Jan 1767 (243 years ago) - Edward King married Felicia Lewis in Colonial North Carolina. (Taylor Line)

Jan 1795 (225 years ago) - Nathaniel Lanier died in Georgia. (Lanier Line)


  1. I remember Jan. 7th 1944.
    Ma Hankins (S.A.Petty Hankins) was living with us. My Mother would not let me go to Ma's service, Mother was afraid seeing Ma in her casket, would give me bad memories.


  2. Hi Sue, That's amazing you remember that since you were so young. Maybe not being allowed to go made a bigger impression than going would have.